Celtics finally get finals revenge on Golden State Warriors in OT, 121-118

Celtics-Warriors Takeaways, Cavs Love, Luka's Demands, and the Heat - The  Ringer

BOSTON — After a rollercoaster of turnovers and lead changes, the Boston Celtics finally got some revenge in an overtime win over the Golden State Warriors Thursday night, 121-118.

Jayson Tatum’s play was a headache, but yet a hopeful sight to see as he finished with 34 points an 19 rebounds. He may have been the leading scorer, but he made three crucial turnovers in the final minutes of the fourth quarter. But he did come alive in overtime to seal the deal. Tatum, who typically has struggled against the C’s, had enough highlights to remind folks why he’s an MVP candidate.

The game was close, but the Warriors held the lead for majority of the match up until the final minutes of the fourth quarter. Golden State went into halftime up 55-54. It wasn’t until the final four minutes did the C’s come alive and made a run to grab the lead.

After a bad turnover pass by Marcus Smart to try an avoid being fouled to shoot free throws, the C’s found themselves only up 3 with under a minute in OT. A last second heave that missed is the only reason Celtics escaped with the W.

It was a game time decision, but Jaylen Brown played but not at 100%. But Brown finished with 16 points and 9 rebounds. He hit the biggest 3-pointer to tie the game when the C’s were down 3 points. Al Horford dropped a double-double with 20 points and 10 rebounds.

One of the big stats for the C’s was winning the rebound battle. Celtics grabbed 63 rebounds to Golden State’s 47. Everything else was nearly even, but the C’s did have more points in the paint and only shot 73% from the charity strike.

As for the Warriors, they just lack depth down the stretch. Steph Curry dropped 29 points in 43 minutes, he came up with some big shots in the fourth quarter to try and fend off the C’s. Jordan Poole finished with 29, and Klay Thompson had 24 points. Draymond Green was an assist shy of a double-double as he welcomed the boo’s every time he touched the ball or went for a free throw. Green had 11 points, 13 rebounds, and 9 assists.

The C’s now on an 8-game winning streak with the best record in the NBA. They’ll look to continue the streak when they head to Toronto to face the Raptors Saturday evening.

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