When Payton Pritchard will get his chance to earn more playing time

The Celtics' Payton Pritchard used maniacal preparation to fuel his dream  of making it to the NBA

The Boston Celtics hold the best record in the NBA (20-5) with no signs of slowing down.

And while their roster is still changing: Robert Williams returning from injury, Malcolm Brogdon in and out the lineup, Al Horford aging, one thing has stayed consistent.

Payton Pritchard’s lack of playing time.

The former Oregon guard proved to be an impactful piece in that championship run last year coming off the bench. Last year, Pritchard only averaged 6 points a night on 72 games. However, he had nights when he got hot from deep and held the game together long enough for the starters to get some rest.

Now, he’s only averaging 5.4 points in 14 games so far this season with 12 minutes on average.

The reason for that is because of the offseason addition of Brogdon who’s been showing to be a much needed piece for the bench scoring. With Derrick White and Marcus Smart the starting point guards, it leaves Pritchard in no mans land.

He’s only 6’1, but Pritchard has handles and can shoot the ball when open. Sometimes you’ll see him create his own shot, and he knows how to pass the ball into the right places. He’s not a bad decision maker. He has a place on the roster for the C’s, it’s just not the same role he had last year.

This year Pritchard is a guy that will get to prove himself in the middle of the season. That’s the time when guys get hurt, fatigued, and play less minutes in order to get ready for the final leg of the regular season and the playoffs. That’s when Pritchard will get his shot, and if he shows out, he can find himself with more minutes.

It will be hard for Pritchard to find a spot on this roster. The C’s guards can shoot, pass, and defend most positions. Pritchard is a bit undersized and not better than the three point guards on the roster. Unfortunately for him, that makes him fighting PT.

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