5 things the Celtics need to do to win game 7

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The Boston Celtics and Milwaukee Bucks are set for game 7—the winner will advance to the Eastern Conference Championship against the Miami Heat. It’s been a tough back-and-forth series for the two powerhouse ball clubs. And with todays game being played in TD Garden— the Celtics will need to do these things to knock off the defending champs from repeating. 

Be more physical 

It might cost a couple of fouls, but the Celtics will need to play very physical in order to win this game. The Bucks are very big, tall, and just overall bullies on both ends of the floor. Giannis Antetokounmpo is going to keep driving the ball to the basket, drawing fouls, and posting up on the much smaller Celtics players. Not saying to just absolutely start hacking guys, but Boston will need to meet them in terms of intensity. When the Bucks run screens on the perimeter, guards will need to fight through them and not be afraid of contact. 

Constantly make 3-point shots 

In the first two games, the Celtics shot for a combined 93 shots behind the arc. As this series continued, the number has gotten down, but not by much. In game 6, the Celtics shot 43 long range shots. In every game the Celtics won, they made deep shots. Which means Tatum will need to get going, Grant Williams will have to make corner 3’s, and the rest of the crew will need to make at least two 3-pointers. If not, Milwaukee will slack off and keep their tall guys inside the paint. 

Put up more shots in the paint 

In this entire series the Celtics have been scared to put shots up in the paint. Rightfully so. Milwaukee has two seven footers with Giannis and Brook Lopez. Whether it’s getting their shot blocked, altered, or missed, the Celtics have to get more shots up in the paint. Coach Ime Udoka has done a good job of getting the ball inside the paint, but too many times they kick it out for a long range shot. Hopefully big man Al Horford can help in that department instead of the Celtics taking more midrange shots.

Get the ‘Greek Freak’ in foul trouble 

This is easier said than done—but if the C’s can get Giannis in foul trouble it will get him to think twice before playing so aggressive. Marcus Smart and Grant Williams are guys that aren’t afraid to take a charge or draw an offensive foul. Offensively, Giannis is always contesting shots, so Brown and Tatum will have to drive to the basket and draw fouls. If they can do that early in the game it will play in the C’s favor. 

Play to the crowd

This is game 7… GAME 7! IN THE GARDEN! Everyone in the basketball world knows that arena is going to be rocking with screaming fans. If the Celtics can’t find a way to pull this one out it will be looked at as a disappointment. The Boston Celtics will need to feed off the crowds energy with every made basket, blocked shot, 3-pointer, dunk, alley oop and everything else in between. The ball is in the Celtics court—it’s time take full advantage of it.

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