The Warriors should be favorites to win the chip

Injury Report: Golden State Warriors vs Memphis Grizzlies Game 5 - Inside  the Warriors

As the Warriors are set to possibly finish off the Ja Morant-less Memphis Grizzlies tonight—it’s fair to say Golden State should be the favorites to win it all. 

Now aside from having the baby assassin in Steph Curry, Jordan Poole has splashed onto the scene as being a prolific scorer. The guy is a walking bucket—which is just more icing on the cake. Especially with the number 1 draft pick Andrew Wiggins finally making the all-star roster this season. Not to mention Klay Thompson coming into form right in the thick of the playoffs. Oh yeah, and Draymond Green is still pretty good.

One would say they got lucky—Morant was out right after tying the series up. The momentum looked like it was going to take a turn to Memphis’ favor—but let’s be real, Curry and Thompson learned how to close out a series. They may have learned the hard way, but they learned nonetheless. 

I don’t believe anyone in the eastern conference can truly stand up to the offensive onslaught that the Warriors pose. Miami certainly has depth and is mentally tough, they would certainly put up a fight, but in a series of seven I just don’t see it happening. 

Even my Celtics may possibly stand a chance, however, they don’t possess the depth offensively. Perhaps on the defensive end the C’s stand a chance, but not for four games do I not expect Wiggins, Curry, Thompson, or Poole to absolutely go off. 

This team can score in bunches. Before you blink, their lead can go from five to being up 15 in a matter of a few possessions. Perhaps if Milwaukee can come out of the east Giannis can cause some problems, but last time I checked 3-pointers were more than dunks, layups, and free throws. 

When it comes down to Chris Paul and the Suns… I just don’t believe in them. I expect Steph Curry to win his third title. 

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