3 reasons why Ryan Garcia lost to Gervonta “Tank” Davis

Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia official scorecard: Tank led on all cards -  Bad Left Hook

This past Saturday is when Gervonta “Tank” Davis stopped Ryan Garcia in the seventh round thanks to hard liver shot to remain undefeated.

To some who aren’t used to watching boxing might think the fight was complete lopsided and easy for Tank. And to some degree, it probably was. But that doesn’t mean Tank didn’t come into the fight with a beautifully executed game plan. Here’s some reasons why Garcia fell short.

Not enough experience

In the post-fight interview Tank explained that he wanted to be patient going into the fight and let Garcia make mistakes so he can capitalize, and he did just that. Experience was perhaps the biggest reason for Garcia’s downfall.

Going into the fight, Garcia has only had one fight that went the distance (he won by unanimous decision), whereas Davis has been on the big stage multiple times and has had knockouts in the later rounds. He doesn’t panic and he calculates data in the early rounds so he can start to get timing down on his opponents.

Garcia wasn’t even used to 12 round fights, let alone an opponent close to Davis’ caliber. Garcia is solid, but he wasn’t ready just yet for that stage and that opponent.

Davis is more well-rounded

Is Garcia’s left hook really that dangerous? The quick answer is yes. Davis acknowledged out the gate that Ryan has a good left hook and he’ll watch out for it. During the fight, Tank stick out his lead hand to throw off his rhythm so he can’t set up that specific punch. Once the left hook was nullified, it significantly limited Garcia’s offensive bag.

Tank also is just the better well-rounded boxer. He can hook and jab to the body, counterpunch, and fight on both the outside and inside. That’s not to say Davis is a complete fighter with no flaws (that’s for a later blog) but Garcia is only 24 with no real pain on his resume.

Fight was over before the fight began

With the rehydration clause, the pushing during the face-off, promotions, and an alleged “mole” in Garcia’s camp–the fight was in Tanks favor before it began. Boxing is a mental game, something Tank knows, and he made sure to have that edge over Ryan.

I don’t believe Garcia was scared in anyway. He agreed to terms that didn’t favor him, he was the B-side, and bet on himself. He deserves all the respect. But Ryan was just too young for the moment with not enough experience, skill, or toughness for the stage.

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