Health should be Celtics main concern for rest of regular season

Celtics injury report: Marcus Smart day-to-day, Robert Williams' knee  'nothing serious' -

As the Boston Celtics struggle on their road trip, it’s pretty clear that injuries has played a major role in their season. And although the same can be told for every team, injuries are the top priority for the C’s before they head into the playoffs.

The Celtics are the No. 2 seed in the eastern conference behind the Bucks and honestly, I don’t see Boston regaining that top spot. Right now the Bucks are just too good and strong to let up that spot. As for the Celtics, they need to figure out how to get their roster healthy.

Marcus Smart has been back since his leg injury but he clearly hasn’t been 100%. He doesn’t ever seem to be running full speed and even has a limp at times. It appears that Smart is fighting through injury just to keep the team afloat.

As far as Robert Williams, he’s been the biggest missing piece for the C’s. Without Williams, the Celtics don’t possess the same inside presence defensively. Grant Williams, Blake Griffin, Al Horford or Sam Hauser and other guys don’t have the size or skill level to go up against top centers like Joel Embiid or Bam Adebayo.

Williams has been fighting his knee injury all season and has been in and out of the rotation. The #1 top concern for the C’s is to get R. Williams healthy.

As far as Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, the two have faced their own set of injuries during the season but nothing major. However, they both haven’t really been able to take games off due to load management. Instead, both players have had to go out and play their hardest just to scathe to a win.

Hell, even the Joe Mazzulla was injured and had to miss a game early this season due to an eye injury on the court. Injuries are just slowly infesting the C’s.

If the Celtics can somehow get their injuries list empty, the C’s should be the top candidate to make it out the east. But for now, the Bucks got it.

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