Celtics need to go back to defense-first mentality

How Boston Celtics Head Coach Joe Mazzulla Earned His Title And Extension

After the Boston Celtics have found themselves on a three-game losing streak by the Cleveland Cavaliers 118-114, it’s evidently clear that they need to go back to what got them to the finals — DEFENSE!

Since Joe Mazzulla, who’s now the permanent head coach, took the helm, the C’s have been offensive minded more than last year. Before the upcoming season the C’s had the best defense in the league. Now the Celtics have appeared to be a mid-tier defense.

It’s been known that Mazzulla has been wanting the C’s to shoot a lot of 3s and run the floor, but it’s not going to work all the time. Now that the season is in the second half, the game is now slowed down and every game means a bit more. Therefore, the C’s aren’t going to get the same looks on offense they received in the beginning.

With the absence of Robert Williams, the C’s have lacked an interior defense. Al Horford is an aging veteran and is playing on limited minutes. Grant Williams is undersized. Plus Sam Hauser and Mike Muscala are slow with a lack of elite athleticism.

When the ball is being pushed down the court, some of the Celtics players jog up the court, and others don’t possess the skills or athleticism to keep up with the guards.

To put it simply, the Boston Celtics need to go back to their defense-first mindset, like when they were playing under former coach Ime Udoka. Now, the C’s lack proper discipline and size.

When looking at the 76ers and the Bucks, both teams have more size and speed in the front and back court. And when the game has slowed down, it can create issues.

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