Celtics Talk Radio show every Monday at 10am

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted here, but it’s for good reason. A lot of life stuff has been happening and it has been ups and downs. Nonetheless, I’ve still been working.

With that said, I’m proud to announce that your Brown Bostonian is now the host of the Celtics Talk Radio show.

On the show I’ll talk about the Celtics and the NBA. Making my sports take as loud as possible on Facebook, YouTube, Spotify and anywhere you get your podcast/sports show. I’m super excited for this part of my journey and to share it with you guys.

Thanks to all that have been keeping up with me whether it’s the Patriot Ledger, this blog, ABC6 or any other place I’ve freelanced or worked at.

I already did the first episode this past Monday. That was the pilot, but trust and believe the show will get continue to get better and better each week.

I’ve gained new connections along the way and will try to have some of my sports friends in the “industry” (always wanted to say that) on the show where we can debate and talk sports. Some guys from Sports Illustrated, television, prevalent blogs and newspapers.

Please feel free to subscribe, follow, share, like and all that good stuff.

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