Sam Hauser is becoming a reliable player in C’s rotation

How Sam Hauser and the Celtics bench have opened up the team's offense -  The Athletic

As the Boston Celtics sit at the top of the eastern conference with a number of players in and out the rotation, there’s been a surprising bright light.

Sam Hauser, the 6’7 forward from Virginia Tech has been making himself a reliable player for Boston this season. In his second year, Hauser has become a sharpshooter from deep. He’s shooting 39% from behind the arc and 44 from the field. He may only be averaging 5.7 points in 52 games, but it’s tough to score when on a deep roster. Hauser is doing what’s needed from him so far this season.

Injuries are apart of the season in all sports. However, the Boston Celtics have been seeing their guys in and out the roster. Robert Williams, Marcus Smart, and Jaylen Brown have all missed games. It’s been Hauser who’s stepped up defending the paint and the perimeter.

Hauser also adds a consistent deep threat ability that the Celtics didn’t have. Sure, Jayson Tatum and Brown are good shooters, but none that are considered ‘sharpshooters’. When he’s on the floor, opposing teams have to know where he’s on the court or else he can knock down shots.

He’s been in and out of the G-League when he got out of college, but he found his way. Monday against Detroit he hit all five 3s and finished with 15 points. In November, Hauser scored a career-high against Detroit with 24 points.

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