Win or lose: Patriots’ season has been just OK

Patriots cut corners to get the team back on top, and now they're falling  apart - The Boston Globe

As the 8-8 New England Patriots gear up to play the Buffalo Bills this weekend in hopes of keeping their playoff spot–the obvious must be said.

The Patriots season has been average at best.

For most franchises being average is ok, just look at the circumstances: 2nd year quarterback, good defense, no offensive weapons, and no true offensive coordinator. Most teams wouldn’t be able to accomplish what the Patriots have done in such a competitive AFC East division. However, when it’s up to the Pats standards, it’s not enough.

So much that people in New England are actually speculating Bill Belichick’s departure. The idea itself is absurd to me. But when looking at the previous success for New England, the Pats sit in uncharted territory.

Now Mac Jones will have to go up to Buffalo and try to grab a win in the last game of the season to get his team to the playoffs. If he doesn’t, spoiled Boston fans will crucify him just as they did all season. When he was struggling in the beginning of the season, fans called for Bailey Zappe to get the starting job.

The defense has been elite and the only thing that’s been the consistent upside. The Patriots have been able to get sacks on the opposing quarterback thanks to Matthew Judon and a star-studded secondary. The defense has not only caused turnovers but have put points up on the board.

Offensively, New England is terrible. There needs to be a major change. And it starts with the pickup of Bill O’Brien. Then getting some good receivers (not DeVante Parker) to go along with Rhamondre Stevenson’s running game.

Whether the Patriots can pull off an upset Sunday will be interesting to see, but even if they do, this season has been OK to sum things up. No matter the outcome.

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