What Robert Williams brings to the Celtics

Robert Williams' return will be a key moment for Celtics this season

As if the (22-7) Celtics having the best record in the NBA wasn’t enough–they may just be getting started.

After missing the entire beginning of the season due to a knee repair, Robert Williams III is expected to make his season debut against the Orlando Magic Friday, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

Williams, the high flying center for the Celtics has been dealing with injuries since early last season. When healthy, Williams is a 6’9 rim protector that can catch lobs and run the floor. He’s a energy boost and the last line of defense for the C’s.

Now with Horford missing games, the C’s need Williams more than ever. The Celtics have been winning games off of their hot shooting and offensive output, but their defense in the paint has been poor. Blake Griffin and Grant Williams have been nice additions who play hard, but they are simply outmatched and overpowered by stronger bigs in the league.

Williams also adds a new element to the Celtics’ fast break. Typically the ball handler attacks the basket while a guard runs the wing, another player goes to the corner for a kickout three while the big trails behind. With Williams, he can run the floor up to speed with the ball handler and finish around the rim.

However, Williams could also be disrupting to the Celtics flow of offense. Right now everybody that plays on the court for the C’s can shoot the long range shot. Williams can’t shoot. He also isn’t the best free throw shooter as well. Williams also can’t guard on the perimeter as well as the other bigs. It will be a matter of how he’ll be used and the amount of minutes he’ll be played.

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