Jets' Justin Hardee thought Patriots blocked him in back on Marcus Jones TD  -

NEW ENGLAND — I’m going to start this rant out with love first.

Big shoutout to the rookie Marcus Jones who made the last-minute 85-yard touchdown punt return for the New England Patriots to beat the New York Jets Sunday 10-3 in an AFC matchup.

17 combined punts for both teams and that Pats defense looked like they always have been looking… ELITE. Matthew Judon is the top pass rusher in the NFL right now. Their secondary is insane with Devin McCourty, Jack Jones, Jonathon Jones and so on. Patriots defense has been the big reason for the last two games they were able to come out of with W’s.

However, this New England offense is very BAD!

I mean like bad… bad. Like Patriot fans weren’t even losing in the game but was still booing bad. Football gods if your hearing me, please let the Raiders get rid of Josh McDaniels so he can come back to the Patriots and help this offense that clearly has no offensive coordinator. This New England team lacks so many things offensively, but they especially lack identity: They don’t know what they do well.

Rhamondre Stevenson has proved to be the only upside. He’s been rushing, catching, chip blocking before going into the field and catching a pass, fighting for first downs, I wouldn’t be surprised if this season shaved a few years off his pro career. Yes, they depend on him that much.

The receiving core for New England just isn’t cutting it. Jonnu Smith is just average, Nelson Agholor can’t create space, we need an amber alert out for DeVante Parker. Hunter Henry has just turned into a blocker.

The offensive line is banged up enough as it is, but honestly, it wouldn’t matter if they weren’t. Nobody can get open. Mac Jones can’t scramble. He sits in the pocket with his feet planted and can’t deliver a perfect strike in the clutch.

The play-calling has been an issue. Not using their fullbacks in short yardage. NEWS FLASH: In order to run an effective play-action, you have to actually convince the defense that your running game is decent. Teams can just play man-to-man literally all game with no consequences. I have yet to see Jones drop a pass in the bread basket.

Just bad.

This past week the Patriots offense didn’t put up a single point. The week before they only put up 6 points. New England relies on their defense and special teams to get them good field position and hopefully Stevenson can make a play, or they settle for a field goal.

Nothing more, nothing less. Pats defense and special teams are just as potent in scoring as their offense and that’s embarrassing.

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