The quarterback position is not the issue in New England

21 thoughts on the Patriots' loss to the Bears - Pats Pulpit

NEW ENGLAND — After the New England Patriots suffered a terrible loss to the Chicago Bears Monday Night 33-14, the NFL world began talking.

Primarily because Mac Jones started but was later benched in the first half after a rough start. However, when rookie Bailey Zappe got in, he struggled too, despite having some initial when he first got in the game. But lets’ be 100–the New England Patriots’ struggles are more than their quarterback debacle.

Did we forget that the Pats don’t have a for certain offensive coordinator? Joe Judge, Matt Patricia, and Bill Belichick calling all of the plays, all defensive minded guys trying to find plays to score. Now that Josh McDaniels is in Las Vegas struggling to get his team off the ground, the Pats have been drowning as well.

Second, the roster on the offense has been unstable from week 1 of the season. Jakobi Meyers, the Pats leading receiver, missed a few weeks due to injuries. Although Rhamondre Stevenson has been playing well, Damian Harris is also fighting through a hamstring injury.

DeVante Parker hasn’t been stepping up at all, Nelson Agholor has been average at best, and Kendrick Bourne has been good whenever he’s been able to get on the field. And their tight ends have almost been non existent.

And don’t get me started on the offensive line. Neither offensive struggle should be put on the shoulders of both quarterbacks. Any quarterback would struggle if given the same tools.

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