Takeaways from Celtics’ preseason so far

Toronto Raptors vs Boston Celtics Oct 5, 2022 Box Scores | NBA.com

BOSTON — As of now the Boston Celtics are 1-1 in their preseason after games against the Charlotte Hornets (W) and the Toronto Raptors (L). And although they lost last night against Toronto in overtime–the C’s were winning by double digits before starters were subbed out.

C’s are still dominant

The first game of the preseason the C’s beat the brakes off of Charlotte 134-93. So far the Celtics look dominant. Their chemistry on the court hasn’t left them. The days of iso ball are not completely over, but the Celtics don’t do it nearly as much. Guys like Jaylen Brown, Jayson Tatum, Grant Williams, and Derrick White have been shooting from deep and doing it at a high level. Even Sam Hauser has been shooting the ball well after his 5/8 from deep performance last night.

New big 3

It may not have been the most surprising thing for true Boston fans, but the C’s have a big 3. Marcus Smart, Tatum, and Brown are the guys that should be feared throughout the NBA. Some might say that was the case last year–but it wasn’t. Once Marcus Smart won the Defensive Player of the Year Award, he officially put himself in the history books of the league. Therefore, he recently earned his spot to getting that recognition.

Malcolm Brogdon fits in well

He may only be averaging around 8 points in the two games, but Brodgon has shown he fits in. He’s still finding his in the offense but isn’t doing too much. He’s been boxing out, running the floor, and making the simple yet effective pass. He accepted the role of coming off the bench and that’s the largest factor.

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