5 takeaways from Patriots loss against Green Bay Packers 

Patriots vs. Packers: News, analysis, injuries, preview, final score - Pats  Pulpit

The New England Patriots lost in a overtime thriller week 4 against the Green Bay Packers 27-24 due to a game-winning field goal kick by legend Mason Crosby. With the Pats now 1-3, there’s some big takeaways from Sunday’s game. 

Pats’ defense is SPECIAL!!

The Patriots’ defense is what’s holding this team back. Last year it was the same case, but this year it’s showing even more. The Patriots’ defense have forced numerous turnovers and turned them into points. They got a pick 6 on that bad man Aaron Rodgers and forced a number of 3 and outs to keep New England in the game. And this is without Jalen Mills on the field who was out due to a hamstring injury. With Devon McCourty, Adrian Phillips, and Jack Jones (1 TD) there, the Pats are a major threat. The offense is what needs some figuring out.

Bailey Zappe is OK

With Mac Jones out due to a high ankle sprain suffered against Baltimore, that left longtime backup Brian Hoyer to step up. Then Hoyer went to the locker room in the first quarter, which led to rookie Bailey Zappe playing. Zappe did ok, he threw a touchdown to DeVante Parker which gave New England the lead. Zappe finished with 99 yards passing. Before New England fans get too hyped that Zappe did alright against the Packers it’s important to note that the running game and defense mostly kept them in it. However, Zappe deserves credit.

Patriots need a playmaker on offense

The running game for the Patriots have been solid. DeVante Parker and Nelson Agholor have been average at most. The Patriots need a guy who they can rely on in tough spots. That 4th quarter from the Patriots was rough with multiple drives they had a chance to win the game. Perhaps Jacobi Meyers who was out with an injury can be that if healthy, but he needs to be on the field. 

Patriots are not going down easily

Some NFL fans have already written off the Patriots to miss the playoffs, but that’s foolish. Games against Green Bay and the Ravens have shown that this team is a piece or two offensively away from being the top seed. With Tua out in Miami, and the Jets tinkering on the .500 line, that AFC wild card spot is up for grabs. 

Injuries are brutal for Pats 

This can be said for any NFL team during the season, but injuries are really hurting the Pats. They were down to their last string quarterback, their best receiver out, their top cornerback out, and a beat up offensive line. 10 Patriots were on the injured list, four of which were ruled out. Hopefully, injuries don’t deter the Patriots from reaching their potential.

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