Celtics went from championship hopes to deep playoff run team expectations

Here's what Joe Mazzulla said about new role after Ime Udoka suspension

It has been quite the offseason for the eastern conference champion Boston Celtics. Few additions in players and coaches, injuries, and just a chaotic summer for Boston fans including myself. One thing is for sure, the Celtics’ projectile has taken a downward dive. 

Let’s get the first big concern out the way—according to ESPN’s Woj, head coach Ime Udoka was suspended 1-year for sexual misconduct with a Celtics staff. The new interim head coach will be Rhode Island native Joe Mazzulla. Now the whole debacle in the details itself is part mystery and completely none of our business. Nonetheless, this hurts the C’s in a tremendous way. 

Media day was yesterday and Jayson Tatum found out about the news “on Twitter,” like the rest of us. Sort of like how Jaylen Brown may have found out he was in trade talks with Kevin Durant this summer. The communication and transparency in the Boston front office with players and fans has been terrible—it’s just now coming to light. 

Shoot, let’s even talk about the physical game of basketball. The Celtics acquired Malcolm Brogdon and Danilo Gallinari during the summer. That move had many thinking Boston is certainly ready for a ring. But it turns out that Gallinari likely will be out for the season due to a knee injury while playing for his country. It’s important to add that Gallinari was picked up for his scoring as a big man, something the Celtics desperately needed in their front court. Now the scoring weight is back on that talented backcourt.

To make matters worse, Robert ‘Time Lord’ Williams III will be out for 8 to 12 weeks according to the Boston Globe because of a knee injury. Williams underwent successful surgery last week—but he’ll miss the start of the regular season. It’s important to note that Williams also underwent knee surgery last year during the regular season and came back in the middle of the playoffs. For a high flyer, these knee injuries are concerning. 

So no starting center, no head coach, no front court scoring and an aging Al Horford? It’s looking bad if I’m being honest. Hopefully Tatum, Brown, and Marcus Smart took that next step in their game to make up for the mishaps. Because if not, the eastern conference just got a lot more scary: Brooklyn is coming back, Philly will be good, Cleveland just elevated to a top team, the Bucks get Middleton back, and the Bulls will be fully healthy. 

Boston needs to get it together quick. If not, they’ll find themselves trying to fight for a play-in spot if their not careful. Or lucky to make the conference finals. And if that happens, best believe some stars will be leaving. 

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