Silver lining after Pats’ loss to Ravens

Patriots vs. Ravens final score: New England loses game, Mac Jones to  injury - Pats Pulpit

The Baltimore Ravens defeated the New England Patriots 37-26 Sunday in the Pats’ home opener. And before fans begin to panic, there might be a few silver linings. 

Now of course Mac Jones high ankle sprain doesn’t look good and will most likely miss some games. But Brian Hoyer isn’t a terrible backup. As a matter of fact, he’s probably the best backup a team could have. He knows the playbook and style of the Patriots play. 

The Packers are up next, and after they just beat Tampa Bay in a tough one, it doesn’t look good for New England. However, after that, the Patriots in fact have a chance to go on a five to six game winning streak if they play their cards right. And that’s regardless of who’s taking the snaps. 

After Green Bay they’ll face the Lions, Browns, Bears, Jets twice, and the Colts. The Patriots’ offensive line has gotten better and looks like one of the best in the NFL. Their defense is lethal, and will get a turnover every game at will. Jacobi Meyers was out and hopefully can make a comeback.

There’s no timetable on Mac Jones—but if the Patriots can capitalize on their stretch of very winnable games, expect some more wins after they’ll likely go 1-3. 

The next optimistic point is the AFC East division. The Bills just lost to the Miami Dolphins (in which I predicted they would). The Dolphins are 3-0 and they look official. The AFC favorites are now 2-1 while the Jets are Jetting (1-2). That division is TOUGH and the Patriots will always remain in the mix of it. 

I’m still holding on to my 10-7 record. Thankfully there’s no timetable on Jones’ return from his injury but it doesn’t look season-ending. Miami is certainly official but they’ll calm down. Bills will remain a top team, the Patriots just need to hold on for the first half of the season. 

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