5 tips to succeed in fantasy football

Fantasy football for beginners - Get started in five easy steps

With the NFL preseason here—we’re just a few weeks away from the regular season which ultimately means fantasy football drafts are ramping up. Now with sports betting becoming more popular—the stakes are higher. Here’s the real tips to succeed in fantasy football. 

Follow Adam Schefter 

For those who don’t know, Adam Schefter is a long-time NFL insider. He’s typically first on the inside scoop of players being ruled ‘out’ or ‘inactive’. Don’t wait until your sports apps to push out an alert to tell you to sit your top running back that has a sprained ankle. He’s typically seen on gameday live giving updates. Follow his twitter and stay tuned to the NFL Network if you have cable. Twitter: @AdamSchefter

Don’t fall in love with projected superstars

It’s almost sports law that at least one major superstar is going to get injured for the season at some point. That’s just part of the game. With that, don’t fall in love too much with guys who are expected to be stars. Part of that is also for other reasons: defenses will make schemes to stop the guy, teams will try to limit touches for longevity reasons, he might’ve been a flash in the pan last year, offensive line sucks now, etc… Superstars can be great and essential, but try some other routes—which brings us to the next point….

Pick 1 or 2 ‘no name’ players

If I’m being completely honest, this is what makes or breaks a team. It’s if you can draft the guy that has the breakout season. It can be the wide receiver from Alabama, or the tight end from North Dakota that caught everyone by surprise. There’s no way to fully know who’s going to leave a mark this season, but isn’t that what makes fantasy football so great?

In fantasy football… veterans are NOT reliable 

This point may seem backwards but it’s true: Veterans should not be trusted. This isn’t basketball where veterans can still put up 20 points a night. Football is still a grueling sport that’s taxing on the body. Sure, a veteran can be reliable in terms of efficiency, but we’re talking about stats here. Each year a guy gets older—that’s another year of him possibly being over the hill. So don’t pickup Tom Brady too early if you don’t have to… even if he is the GOAT. 

Take risks 

This is easier said than done, especially when there’s money on the line. But in fantasy football, expect the unexpected. Pickup that rookie that might end up starting, or the wide receiver that’s 6’7 and waiting to get his chance, or pick a quarterback early. There’s no rules in this game. And do not fall in love with projected points. 

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