Mac Jones doesn’t has much to prove this season

Patriots training camp preview: Will Mac Jones build on his offseason? -  Pats Pulpit

After an early exit in the NFL playoffs, the New England Patriots are looking towards taking the next step as a team. Essentially, that starts at the quarterback position.

Mac Jones, the second year player out of Alabama, had a pretty decent season as a rookie. 10-7 record, throwing 22 touchdowns and 13 interceptions in the regular season. Also making a pro bowl appearance, he surely put folks on the map.

However, with no official offensive or defensive coordinator at the Patriots coaching staff, that will leave some questions. With Josh McDaniels taking a head coaching job, the offensive playbook will most likely look different this upcoming season. 

Last year we saw the Patriots become a run heavy, smash mouth offensive that took the air out the ball. Pedestrian passing plays were called for Jones last year (screens, play-actions, slants…) and made critics overlook his early success to the greatness of Bill Belichick. That’s why he has much to prove now. 

He has to prove that he can make the great passing plays. He has to prove he can lead an offense on his own and call his own plays. He has to prove he can call audibles out on the field and make the right decision. He’s going to have to if there truly is no offensive coordinator on that team. 

Can he thread the needle? When the Patriots are down late in the game, can he do a 2 minute drill and force his team down the field with no timeouts? Will we see a game where Jones throws 40 passes? Probably not. But with some new tools at wide receiver in DeVante Parker, it shows that New England is looking to open up the passing play options. 

Whether the Patriots switch up their style or not, best believe that Jones has plenty to prove. We also can’t forget the guy that was playing quarterback before him. We can’t forget about the Jimmy G situation. Eyes are set on Jones. 

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