Brad Stevens needs to fix this! After Brown-KD trade rumors emerge

Brad Stevens: We've got the ok to do whatever we need to do Boston Celtics  - CelticsBlog

Wow… I’m completely blown back by the news that transpired on this Monday morning. NBA Insider Adrian Wojnarowski went on ESPN this morning in the midst of all these Kevin Durant trade rumors, and the last team I expected to hear was mentioned over the airwaves. The Boston Celtics are reportedly in trade talks with the Nets. And guess who’s being talked about leaving Boston for KD, Jaylen Brown! Brad Stevens needs to fix this. 

I’ll be the first to say this: I understand. Kevin Durant is a generational talent—seven footer with a smooth jump shot. He’s a two time champion and former MVP. He can average 30 points in his sleep off jumpers alone. By all means, every team should be trying to get him. However, this should have not been public. This conversation could’ve stayed out the headlines. 

You know why that it? Because Jaylen Brown sent out a tweet this morning with the letters “SMH” and THAT’S IT! Now it’s possible I could be reading too much into this and Brown may understand that this is a business. He’s said multiple times he wants to stay in Boston. Hell, he was two games away from winning a NBA championship. Nonetheless, the fact that this is in headlines is what bothers me and other Celtics’ fans. 

Let it be clear that Jaylen Brown was the one who stepped up in the NBA finals, not Jayson Tatum. Let it be clear that Brown took a seat back in his role after becoming an all-star for the first time two years ago. Let it be clear that Brown played injured most of the playoffs. He’s made sacrifices, he’s showed promise, and he showed he is reliable. 

And at 34-years-old KD certainly is, if not the best player in the league still. However, when we look at the future of 25-year-old Brown, the window is wide open for the taking in the Celtics championships hopes. If Durant pulls up to TD Garden, that’s basically saying it’s now or never for them. 

In all fairness, Woj did specify that the Celtics are just like every other team right now. They have no more advantage than anyone else in landing KD. As I reiterate, my only issue is that this is in public headlines. Everything should’ve been done to keep this under wraps. Because most likely Brown is hearing this news in real time with the rest of us. 

With new additions Malcolm Brogden and Danilo Gallinari to the Celtics’ roster, it was evident that the core group would still remain. The right moves have already been made, now let’s see what they can do. No KD.

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