The AFC East will be a dog fight

Tyreek Hill: 'I tried my best' to stay with Chiefs | Yardbarker

The Buffalo Bills may be expected to go back to the AFC championship to most people, but the AFC East won’t be a cakewalk. As a matter of fact, I’d go as far as to say it will be the toughest division in the conference. 

However, I understand what’s at hand: Josh Allen coming off a MVP-like season, the new addition of champion Von Miller, and that high-powered offense is certainly worth considering them favorites. But we can’t forget the faults that the Bills have. 

Sure, the Bills beat the brakes off the Patriots in the first round of the Patriots 47-17 at Orchard Park. But that was against a rookie Mac Jones and a Patriots team that was missing key defensive guys. We saw the great battle against Kansas City that ultimately came down to the last second. We have yet to see this Bills team face adversity. 

They still deserve to be the favorite, but we don’t truly know what Josh Allen is made of just yet. In the playoffs, his record is 3-3.

The Patriots aren’t anything to slack about. Coming off a playoff appearance, they’re looking to make that next step into serious contenders. With a Bill Belichick led team, true sports fans know better than to write them off. With former Dolphin DeVante Parker now on the roster, a new dynamic is added to that pedestrian passing offense. 

As far as the defense goes, I know New England will figure out that side of the ball when December comes around. The special teams offense is always figured out by New England as well. 

The Jets may be worth writing off. But the Dolphins may catch the league by surprise. With the new addition of speedster Tyreek Hill, Miami will certainly be a threat to 60% of defenses in the league. Tua Tagovailoa absolutely needs to step up. Because Teddy Bridgewater is sitting right behind him waiting for a spot. Because 19 touchdowns and 10 interceptions isn’t going to cut it. Plain and simple.

This Dolphins team is young, fast, and has nothing to lose. And now that this whole scandal of accusations involving Miami wanting to throw games is out in the public, this franchise will most certainly want to win games. They are actually fighting for something. Dolphins are fighting fans to actually pay and stay in their seat. If the talent isn’t there, at least they will play hard.

I’ll say this again, the Bills absolutely deserve to be crowned the favorite, they deserve to be expected to win the AFC East once again. But in know way, shape, or form would I write off this division. This year will be interesting.

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