The summer league was useless for the Celtics 

JD Davison shows what Celtics saw: 7 takeaways from Celtics vs. Grizzlies

This should go without saying, but the summer league was completely useless to the Celtics organization. 

After a NBA finals appearance, the Celtics are looking to find their way back to that stage. They  still have Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown. They now have Malcolm Brogden and Danilo Galinari as offseason additions. Plus they have their strong core of role players. Therefore, their roster is set.

That doesn’t mean the summer league can’t be useful for the players and coaches. Assistant coaches get some reps in with young guys. Other teams in the league can watch games and may pickup some free agents. 

Did we see the stars attend the summer league games? Of course not. Other teams do it because they know their top draft pick will definitely be on the roster. As for the other teams, players will get sent to the G League or overseas and might try again next year. 

That’s not to say there wasn’t excitement. As a Bostonian (hence, the Brown Bostonian) I enjoyed seeing former Providence Friar AJ Reeves get some minutes towards the end of the summer league. It was certainly an exciting time to see a guy from Roxbury play for a city he grew up in. 

Also can’t forget JD Davison was picked in this years draft, he signed a two-way deal sending him to the G League. So although it may have been nice to see him play, he most likely won’t see any meaningful minutes in a Celtics jersey. 

For the players, the summer league is useful and great. As an organization, the Celtics have their roster set with a great team. Now that the games are over, Celtics can now shift their focus on a championship. 

But the summer league provides some sort of entertainment that sports fans desperately need during this time of the year. 

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