NBA players have too much power these days

Nets Notes: Kyrie Irving, James Harden, Kevin Durant Pushing to New Levels  | Brooklyn Nets

One thing that hinders many millennials and the rest of this current generation is simple—there’s too many options available to us.

With social media and the internet, people have access to everything so fast and easily. Instant gratification is real—it’s having people from all walks of life switch directions in a matter of moments. And honestly, that also goes for todays NBA players. 

Before the haters read this and say their pro-players rights and all for guys getting their money—I am too, but the game hasn’t gotten better because of this. There’s a reason the sports world is still in love with March Madness, because the students don’t have much of an option but to play their ass off for a national championship. As for the pros, I truly believe guys could care less if they win or lose. 

Why should they? They can request a trade at any time despite what their contract says. We learn as kids that if we give our word or commit to something we need to see it through. Todays NBA shows us that’s not the case.

We’re seeing guys who have multiple years on their contract show up to practice out of shape and with a poor attitude (Yes… I’m talking about James Harden). We saw Kyrie Irving just not want to play basketball and the basketball world just has to accept it. Fans have to put up with it. These same guys put on a spectacle on the sidelines and will still end up in a decent city, with decent weather, and in a decent market with a decent chance at a playoff appearance. The NBA owners are starting to be looked at as a joke. 

How does this go back to having too many options you ask? Well look at social media. Guys are out here tweeting live as they request a trade. The young guys see the superstars do it, and best believe, once they get enough stock, they’ll have it put in their contract that they can leave at any time. 

Ben Simmons played as many games as I did last season. We scored the same amount of points. However, he’s still in headlines on ESPN—keeping his brand alive. I must be doing something wrong with my basketball career.

I’m all for guys getting their money, but things are getting out of hand. Guys can slack off for most of their contract, and right before their contract is up, they’ll decide to ball out so they can renegotiate.

As much as I love LeBron James—this man has the NBA in the palm of his hands. THE LAKERS DID NOT MAKE THE PLAYOFFS! BUT THEY ARE MENTIONED ON TV EVERYDAY. LeBron is basically the General Manager for the Lakers. This man is out here playing MyTeam in real life with the salary cap slider off. 

There’s just too many options. And when there’s too many options you always feel like your missing out on something. That’s why we’re seeing stars switch from team to team so quickly. 

Load management is a whole other topic that I’m not going to get into. The era of the super teams is always a possibility at any time now and will never end. The power balance of the NBA can change at any moment. But isn’t that what makes the NBA great? Yes, but it’s getting out of hand.

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