Michael Jordan on 2k23 shouldn’t be happening… again

Michael Jordan | NBA's 75 Anniversary | NBA.com

Michael Jordan will always be mentioned when it comes down to the greatest basketball players of all time. With that stature comes great perks. And once again, MJ has found his way into headlines on this Tuesday.

According to ESPN, that Black Cat will be on the cover of the 2k23 video game. Although it seems like it’s only right to have MJ on the ’23’ edition—I’m tired of seeing it. We saw MJ on the 2k11 cover. 

One weird thing about this generation is that we’re obsessed with the past. We love retro and vintage things. Everything from the retro sneakers, high basketball shorts, throwback jerseys, talks about brining back the Supersonics and a ton more. But with that, it doesn’t allow the new generation of players to be the superstars. 

We saw Kobe Bryant on the cover of 2k17 and 2k21, and rightfully so. When Kobe retired and when he passed, he certainly needed to be honored throughout sports and the gaming world. But as sports fans, NBA specifically, we just fall too in love with the past and not the present. 

There’s so many young stars who are taking social media by storm. With millions of followers, individual trophies, and signature sneakers—there’s a good amount of young guys to put on the cover. Names such as Ja Morant, Devin Booker, Joel Embiid, The Joker, Jayson Tatum and more all have the star power to sell copies. 

Sure, it would be okay if Jordan was on special edition of 2k, but he shouldn’t be the main guy on the cover. His time has come and went. We saw ‘The Last Dance’ on Netflix during the pandemic, how many times are we going to keep bringing his run up? I’ve had enough. 

Will there be a story mode of MJ’s come up? Will there be insider information we didn’t know about his career? Hopefully 2k can make a creative way to get fans interested other than trying to amplify graphics like they’ve done in previous years. 

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