3 reasons why Kevin Durant should play for the Washington Wizards

NBA Legend Sends Shot at Kevin Durant After NBA Finals | Heavy.com

The NBA world has been in a frenzy since word came out of Kevin Durant requesting a trade out of Brooklyn. Rightfully so. Durant can average 30 points in his sleep despite being over a decade in the league. He’s a mega-star that can shift the power of the league no matter what team he goes to. The team that nobody cares about may be the perfect fit for Durant. Here’s why the Washington Wizards would be a great fit for Durant:

It’s his hometown 

Players love to play in their hometown. Durant is from D.C.—he has signature sneakers that are sought after the style of his city. We saw it with LeBron James in Cleveland—we saw how much it meant to him when he won that championship in 2016. Durant is already a determined hooper, but imagine what it’ll be like when it’s his friends and family in the crowd for 41 games.  

Bradley Beal needs help

We saw how Russell Westbrook reminded fans what he could do while in a Wizards jersey. And after Bradley Beal just signed an 5-year maximum for $251 million—Durant will have a teammate who’s committed. No longer will he deal with a Kyrie Irving or James Harden—guys who will just bounce around the league. Beal is a hooper that stays out of the headlines, and in a eastern conference that is up for the taking (although Boston should be favorites) the Wizards will be put the league on notice. Something they haven’t done since Michael Jordan was playing for them. 

This would be an impressive achievement if he won a NBA Finals there

We all know KD is great, however, I would be lying if I didn’t acknowledge the obvious. Durant needs to win a championship without Steph Curry. When he won two rings in Golden State, it wasn’t his team. As TNT’s sports analyst Charles Barkley said KD didn’t ‘drive the bus’ in those championship runs. If he went to Washington, it would cement him as the top 15 players of all-time. If he went to another team with two other stars, or another superstar, we would give him his props—but we’d still won’t count his previous championships. And with Curry winning his fourth ring, the clock is ticking, we have our eyes set on KD. 

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