5 Celtics adjustments for game 3 against Bucks

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The Boston Celtics may have found some luck in game 2 with a convincible win over the Milwaukee Bucks. With game 3 today, the C’s will head over to Milwaukee and try to get a game up on the series. With Marcus Smart returning, expect some adjustments for the Celtics on both ends of the floor. 

In your grill defense

Much like the Brooklyn Nets series, the Celtics won’t be giving any easy shots today. Defensive Player of the Year Marcus Smart will certainly be up on Giannis and his personal space trying to attract offensive fouls. The C’s will continue to switch on picks now that they have guards and centers that can defend in the paint and the perimeter. The amount of help will be there, but the C’s won’t forget about the wing shooters. 

More shots in the paint

In both game 1 and 2, the Celtics have put up a combined 93 shots from behind the arc. Most of that is because of the size that Milwaukee brings. Brook Lopez and Giannis are huge guys that take up space with large wingspans. It’s caused problems for the Celtics. But the C’s can’t just live and die by the three, so expect some plays and drives that result with the Celtics getting to the basket, and possibly the free throw line. 

More lobs 

This times in to the adjustment above, in order for the C’s to get points in the paint, they will have to go over the top to score. Robert Williams is called ‘Time Lord’ for a reason. The Celtics will need to throw alley-oops to keep the Bucks on their heals. 

More baskets in transition 

One thing the Bucks have been doing very well is being able to stop the ball in transition. That slows the game down and allows the big guys to get down the floor and flood the paint. Smart will need to push the ball. All of that starts with defensive rebounds, and causing turnovers. Smart, Jaylen Brown, and Jayson Tatum can all finish around the basket, and if they can’t, Williams is always available for a lob. 


The Celtics can takeover this series by rebounding the ball. With Khris Middleton out—the Bucks have to rely on points in the paint instead of deep shooting. When they do decide to shoot, the Celtics cannot allow second chance points. The Bucks are too tall and big for them to get an offensive rebound—because that would be an automatic bucket. 

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