5 Adjustments Celtics need to make for game 2

Celtics have one word on their minds after Game 1 defeat: 'Tuesday' -  CelticsBlog

After the Boston Celtics suffered a loss in game 1 of the NBA playoffs to the Milwaukee Bucks 101-89 Sunday—sports analysts are raising their eyebrows towards the C’s. Giannis Antetokounmpo dropped a triple double and got a win despite Khris Middleton being ruled out for the entire series. Nonetheless, there were some good takeaways for the Celtics, here’s some adjustments they need to make for Tuesday.

Make three point shots

Let’s be completely clear, the Celtics have absolutely no shot in winning this series if they can’t shoot the ball well. The Bucks are big and tall defensively, causing issues in the paint for the Celtics offense. Therefore, the C’s will need to stretch the defense by making shots early in the game to spread the floor. In game 1—Boston put up too many missed shots behind the arc with 50 attempts… 50 three point attempts! The number of attempts to need to go down, but the Celtics also need to start shooting better. 

More plays called for Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown 

Jaylen Brown finished with 12 points and Jayson Tatum with 21 points—that’s unacceptable. Coach Ime Udoka needs to find a way to get his stars going early—but not just by playing iso ball. The Celtics need to run actual plays that involve moving the ball around. Don’t expect the same level of production from game 1, but offensively, the Celtics certainly will need to make that adjustment. 

Pick up the defensive intensity

After the Celtics swept the Brooklyn Nets, it’s clear Boston didn’t show the same level of defensive intensity for Milwaukee. They were caught off guard. 

The Milwaukee Bucks didn’t do anything special on offense; Giannis played physical with force as he typically does, but he also passed the ball well. Milwaukee’s wing players just made shots. For the C’s, they have to help on defense, and close out on shooters with intensity. Every shot needs to be contested. Every Celtics player needs to crash the boards on defense. 

Celtics will need to play Giannis with high intensity, forcing wing players like Grayson Allen and Bobby Portis to make plays.

More points in the basket

The Celtics only scored a measly 20 points in the paint Sunday. That’s the fewest points in their playoff franchise history. The Bucks are so big and physical that it’s tough to get shots up near the basket. But the Celtics have to try harder to swing the ball and get the defense off balance before attacking. Robert Williams will need some lobs tossed to him, Tatum will need to attack more often, and Brown will have to finish above the rim as well. It won’t be an easy task, but it’s doable. In game 1, the Celtics just gave up early and started chucking up shots. 

Get angry

If the Celtics want to beat the defending champs from winning their 2nd consecutive ring—this can’t be a friendly series. For the C’s to win, they’ll need to foul hard, set tough screens, and get way more physical. There’s no friends in this series. This is playoff basketball where it’s not about who has more talent, but who wants it more.

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  1. This was one of those games they didn’t play well but they had more balls go in and out or tool around the rim then roll out the Greek Greek is like a train he just barrels down the line and gets all the calls so how do you stop that your own


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