KD and Irving aren’t close to finished in this series

Nets Starting Lineup Against The Rockets - Fastbreak on FanNation
Sports Illustrated

After the Boston Celtics took a 2-0 lead on the Brooklyn Nets Wednesday night, the sports world is buzzing. Critics pointing out Kevin Durant’s poor shooting night and Kyrie Irvings 10 points last night as abysmal. While that may be true—there’s is no way in hell, the two superstars are finished. 

KD was mauled in game 2—a lot of bumping, contesting, and active hands is all he saw for 48 minutes. Game 1 wasn’t much difference. But let’s be real, KD is a scoring machine that will figure it out. He’s still a seven footer with guard handles. Steve Nash will find a way to make plays for Durant to ensure he gets to his spots a bit easier. 

As for Kyrie, Ramadan played a major role in game 2. Game 1, Kyrie scored 39 points and went off with three pointers, crossovers, and floaters all game. Game 3 will be much like that. 

As the series heads back into game 3, the Nets are coming. There’s no chance in hell this talented team can be held down for long. They can’t be swept. I don’t believe Durant will let that happen. Sure, the Celtics will continue their heavy defense, especially with recently crowned Defensive Player of the Year Marcus Smart. However, if the Nets are able to get the ball moving on offense, there will be moments where the Celtics will be caught off-guard. 

If role players such as Bruce Brown, Seth Curry, and Andre Drummond can all knock down shots and defend well, then chances will open up for KD and Irving. Often Brooklyn’s two superstars don’t need chances for offense as they can create their own. But in this tough, aggressive, and brutal series that’s clearly waring down on them, they’ll need some more help. 

Fans in the Barclays center will be roaring in hopes to rallying back in this series. And as we saw in the first two games, players feed off their energy when it’s their home team doing the cheering. 

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