Reasons Tom Brady is coming back to the NFL

Tom Brady's Buccaneers return fuels amazing NFL Twitter reaction | RSN
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We’ve seen MJ say he’s back a few times in the NBA—something about the game the GOATS just can’t pull away from. Tom Brady announced Sunday he’s coming back for another year. And while some are scratching their head, here’s some reasons to make sense of all of this.

Father Time is better than family time

Plenty people have made jokes upon Brady’s announcement that he spent two months with his family and said, ‘nah.’ There’s some truth to it. Not saying he hates his family, but when you spent over  two decades playing something you love at the highest level, your teammates become your family. There’s clearly some disconnect there when he got home.

He’s still one of the best current quarterbacks

Sure, there’s guys like Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes that’s becoming the face of the league, but Brady is still one of the best. I don’t know if that says more about his greatness or the current, younger quarterbacks in the NFL. Truthfully, injuries and the Antonio Brown debacle is what kept Tampa Bay from going back to the Super Bowl. So why stop now? Brady has the answers to the test. 

What else does he know to do?

Brady has been playing football since a child. He’s one of the fortunate ones to not only play for a long time, but also win championships from the start. After initially announcing his retirement, he told the media he had no intentions on being a sports analyst. So what else is the GOAT to do after football? Just go into retirement? I think not. 

Prove the imaginary doubters wrong

At this point nobody should be doubting what Brady could do. However, we’ve seen countless times that he’s petty. Max Kellerman, Bill Belichick, Giants fans, the other teams that picked someone over him until he was the 199th pick and more are all probably on his mind when he made this decision. Make no mistake, it doesn’t take much for Brady to get some motivation. He’s a natural competitor. 

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