KG’s Jersey Ceremony spoiled by Celtics loss to Mavericks 95-92

3 thoughts after the Dallas Mavericks escape the Boston Celtics, 113-108 -  Mavs Moneyball

BOSTON — The Celtics five game winning streak was snapped yesterday in the helms of the Luka Doncic led Mavericks 95-92. Kevin Garnett was in attendance for his jersey number being retired. 

The game was a close one, coming all the way down to the wire. Doncic led with 26 points, despite the Celtics defense holding up for four quarters. The Dallas point guard was able to take advantage of the Celtics big men once they was forced to switch out on him. Doncic kept taking Al Horford, Robert Williams and Grant Williams off the dribble or stepping back and hitting a trey ball.

At the end of the game, with the score tied, Doncic kicks the ball out to Spencer Dinwiddie who nails the dagger three with 10 seconds left in the game. 

Although KG traveled back to Boston to witness a Celtics loss—the game came with some Boston highlights. Late in the second quarter, Smart kicks it out to Jaylen Brown, who comes off a pick and splits the screen, drives to the hole, and posterized Dallas big man Max Kleber. The crowd in the Garden erupted, and KG stood up to give Brown some dap. The crowd reaction lasted for a few more possessions as the buzz slowly died down. 

Both teams struggled to find offense. Dorian Finney-Smith kept Dallas in the game with four three’s. Dinwiddie finished with 18. Only four Mavericks scored in the double digits. 

The Celtics struggled as well. Jayson Tatum was the leading scorer with only 21 points, but was able to bring in 11 rebounds for his double double. Nine of those points coming from behind the arc. Brown only finished with 14 points. As a unit they all shot poor from deep at 24%. And despite having a 13 point lead margin, plus a 20 point difference in scoring in the paint, the C’s couldn’t hold on. 

Celtics will switch timezones as they head to Golden State to play the Warriors Wednesday night. They remain the fifth seed tied with Chicago. 

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