Celtics pull away from Pistons late to win 114-103

Celtics are winning and feeling good, plus 5 takeaways from Pistons win

BOSTON — The Celtics pushed their winning streak to five games last night with a win over the young Detroit Pistons 114-103. Jayson Tatum’s hot offensive streak continuing—he dropped 31 points. 

Tatum wasn’t the only one getting buckets. Jaylen Brown finished with 22 points and Marcus Smart put up 20 points. Robert Williams had 12 points and nine rebounds. Now the C’s entire team is getting involved, offensively. 

Winning 18 of their last 21 games—the Celtics found a way to win. Detroit played hard as they typically have been as of late against the C’s. Cade Cunningham was unstoppable with 27 points and eight rebounds. Jerami Grant and Marvin Bagley both put up 20 points. It was a joint effort and hard fought game but ultimately, they fell short. 

The game was fast paced, high scoring and close for the duration of the first half. The Celtics led 62-61 at the end of the second quarter. Pistons were taking Celtics defenders off the dribble and throwing alley-oops to keep things close.

The fourth quarter is when the Celtics started to pull away. Once again—Jayson Tatum began to takeover late in the game. However, it wasn’t strictly points that contributed to Tatum’s takeover. Tatum began dishing assists to Smart, Grant Williams and Brown. He also knocked down shots himself. 

It was the points in the paint that made the difference. Celtics scored 68 in the paint compared to Detroits 44 points. Once leading in the fourth by 18 points for the Celtics. By the late minutes in the fourth quarter—the bench was emptied. 

Currently, the Celtics still sit at the fifth spot. But if the Sixers and Bulls lose their next game—the C’s will move to the third seed. Celtics will face the Dallas Mavericks at home tomorrow afternoon. 

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