Russell Wilson will have a ‘revenge tour’ next season

Russell Wilson Reportedly Open To Surprising Trade Destination

ESPN analyst Ryan Clark was under some heat from NFL fans for his critique of Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. Today, the conversation was continued on television — some people think he’s not one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. They’re wrong. 

This past season — Wilson was injured for nearly the entire season. Seattle finished 7-10 on the season. When Wilson was on the field they were 6-8 as he fought through injury (broken finger). But make no mistake, no matter where he is next year — he will make all those critics sorry. 

With Tom Brady officially retiring, I believe the NFL to now be Patrick Mahomes league. He’s the face. Then it’s Aaron Rodgers following right behind him. It’s easy to get too hype on Joe Burrow and Josh Allen — rightfully so. However, let’s not act like Russell Wilson isn’t the same guy who can make magic happen when the ball is snapped. 

‘Cue the circus music’ is what an announcer said in 2017 against Arizona as Wilson ran around the backfield for about 8 seconds before delivering a off balanced throw to Doug Baldwin for a 50+ play. Making defenders miss and extending the play is what makes Wilson dangerous. Plus, his deep ball and the arc he’s able to put on before landing it in the bread basket is what catapults him to superstar level. 

Many people will point Wilson’s first Super Bowl in the 2013-2014 season to the ‘Legion of Boom’ and that defense. Plus the heavy rush game they had with Marshawn Lynch carrying the load. But make no mistake, he is a champion and knows how to deliver in big games (we won’t talk about the 1 yard line interception the following year). 

Last year was the only year Wilson’s team went under .500 in wins. But make no confusion, he’s a winner. If he stays with Seattle — he has the weapons to take them to the promise land. DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett are a nightmare for defensive coordinators. And mix that in with the fact it’s so hard to tackle Wilson in the backfield, Seahawks should be on the lookout. 

I expect Wilson to put up BOX OFFICE type numbers next season if healthy. He will reestablish himself as one of the top quarterbacks in the league. As a veteran, he’s a decade into the league. He has the weapons. Pete Carrol is going to take care of the defensive side of the ball as he always does. I don’t care about Los Angeles, don’t care about the Packers or anything — the Seahawks will take over the NFC. 

As for the critics who say he’s not one of the best guys is just ridiculous. Of course he’s not a successor to Tom Brady — but nobody is. When he’s healthy the guy can make any team a playoff team. He extends plays, can run the ball, throw the deep ball, a great leader and good role model. He’s an all-time great quarterback. Future hall of fame player. 

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