Thank you Tom! How the GOAT has been proving people wrong since 2000

Tom Brady's Super Bowl loss to the Eagles still on his mind
Philadelphia Inquirer

After 22 seasons and a accomplished career, the greatest quarterback of all time decides to call it quits. Tom Brady has retired at the age of 44. 

Although his last season didn’t end how he expected, that still says a lot. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers lost in the second round to the Los Angelas Rams. But with all that’s happened this season to Tampa Bay, the thoughts of a Super Bowl dwindled. 

That’s not to say people counted Tom and the Buccs out. Brady has been proving doubters wrong his entire career and people know better now. Drafted in 2000 at the 199th pic in the 6th round by the New England Patriots, Brady had to work his way up. His number was called to fill in for Drew Bledsoe after a injury and didn’t look back since. 

The former Michigan quarterback went on to win his first Super Bowl in just his second year of his career. And won 2 more in the next three seasons, handing the Patriots their first dynasty. Critics said Tom was cool under pressure but was heavily carried by his defense and Bill Belichick’s genius coaching in the early years. Once again, he proved them wrong. 

When Tom had weapons he produced. In 2007 he set off a ton of records such as going 16-0 in the regular season before losing to the New York Giants the first time. Throwing for 50 touchdowns in the regular season (later would be broken by rival Peyton Manning). A league high 68% completion rating and oh yeah… a MVP award! He won his 2nd MVP in 2010 as well. So any talks about his offense was dead.

However, despite the great offense Tom produced at the midpoint of his career critics started talking again. He would go on a 9 season streak without another Super Bowl. Even tearing his ACL after the 2007 season. Wondering if the Brady era was over, they were wrong again. 

Tom Brady: College football career, stats, highlights, records |

He won his 4th ring against the ‘Legion of Boom’ Seattle Seahawks. At the time, they just came off a Super Bowl blowout against Peyton Manning and had their eyes set on taking out another top 5 quarterback of all time. Thanks to a game changing interception thrown by Russell Wilson to Malcolm Butler the Patriots were saved. Nonetheless, Brady was on top again and the new dynasty of the Patriots began. 

Thanks to a AFC game against the Colts the previous year, a investigation took place. Not ‘Spygate’ but ‘deflate gate.’ Brady was suspended for 4 games. But when he returned, he had something to prove. Making it back to the Super Bowl after a loss to Peyton Manning led Broncos last year, they faced the high offense powered Falcons. When the Patriots were down 28-3 in the third quarter critics wrote them off. History repeats himself…

The Pats came back to win the game in overtime. Making it the largest comeback in Super Bowl history and giving Brady his 5th ring. Brady was officially the only quarterback with that many rings. Unanimously making him the best through many peoples eyes. 

With so much accomplishments you’d think there’d be no more questioning the greatness of Tom right? Wrong. The ‘Cliff theory’ by ESPN’s Max Kellerman took over the sports world by him saying that father time will kick in after 40 years of age. He was also wrong. 

Tom Brady went on to win his third MVP award of his career in the 2017-2018 season. And his 8th Super Bowl appearance (two losses to the Giants) before losing to the Eagles on the biggest stage. However, he came back the very next year beating the Rams in a slow, low scoring game. Giving Brady his 6th ring. 

Now with all of the talks out the way and nobody catching him what was left for Brady? Well, things started to heat up in New England and not in a good way. Jimmy G was drafted by Belichick but was forced to be traded as owner Robert Kraft wanted to keep Brady. Tom Brady’s trainer was kicked out the Patriot facilities. After a first round loss to the Titans Brady was out. Now critics new concern was ‘who’s more responsible for the dynasties? Brady or Belichick?’ He moved on to Tampa Bay to prove them wrong.

Confusion reigns following conflicting reports that legendary Super Bowl  champion Tom Brady is retiring

Granted, at Tampa Bay Brady had a super team on his hands. Antonio Brown (who was cut by Patriots after allegations), Chris Godwin, Mike Evans, Leonard Fournette, Rob Gronkowski (returning from retirement) and that’s just to name a few. But who wouldn’t want to play with the GOAT? Brady won his 7th and final Super Bowl ring against Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs which now seems like a passing of the torch if the Chiefs can pull it off this year. 

With all that said, Brady has been proving people wrong his whole career. From a bench player at Michigan to a starter. From a backup in New England to the best of all time. And as a kid who was born and raised in Boston and hasn’t missed a New England game until becoming an adult I’d like to say… Thank you Tom!

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