4 reasons why trading Marcus Smart isn’t the right move

Celtics' Marcus Smart, Aaron Nesmith to return Sunday vs. Wizards | RSN
NBC Sports

As the Celtics still try to find their niche within their regular season struggles, one particular veteran might be on the trading block. Marcus Smart is officially trade eligible today according to SB Nation. 

The Dallas Mavericks are potentially interested in seeking the former Sooner. But for the Celtics front office, this trade would just be another bad move for their season. Here’s why:

He was never the issue to begin with

For like the past three seasons the Celtics have been facing struggles. But very rarely has it ever involved Smart. Analyst’s and columnists accused Smart of taking ill-advised shots and not knowing his role. But when the only offensive weapons are Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum, it makes sense for Smart to be the next man up. Whenever there was a issue in the locker room Smart was the one to speak up ad fix it. He’s the real leader and heart of this team. Not Tatum or Brown. 

He’s the only one with heart

As much as Brown and Tatum deserve their flowers for their talent, they don’t possess the same will to win as Brown. Looking back on any key wins for the C’s, a lot of times it involved Smart. Diving for loose balls, taking charges and even taking the big shot at times (which sometimes shouldn’t be the case) is what Smart does well. He doesn’t mind coming off the bench and playing his role which is something most guys with his talent aren’t able to do. The guy does anything it takes to win. And in the Boston sports culture, that goes a long way. 

He shines in the playoffs

Right now he’s only shooting 39% from the field and 30% from deep. However, he’s a different man in the playoffs. Think of him like a ‘playoff Rondo’ but instead of passing ability it’s defense. Smart isn’t scared to put his body on the line to win. Last season he averaged 17 points in the and 6 assists which was a huge jump from the regular season. And in the east, the Celtics certainly will make the playoffs, but the toughness is what wins series. That’s where Smart comes in. 

The issue relies on the other additions

Bol Bol was recently added and he just undergone foot surgery. I doubt he’ll play in a Celtics uniform. Dennis Schröder just isn’t a good fit and is battling injuries. Payton Richard has promise but that’s in the future, not the now. Al Horford was added before the season started and is passed his prime. Joe Johnson is 40 years old. All of these additions aren’t helping the Celtics as a ball club for this season. The players listed above should be considered to be traded not Smart. Regardless of cap salary. 

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