5 possible landing spots for Aaron Rodgers next season

Bad news for Aaron Rodgers' toe injury and the Packers

The Packers were eliminated in the Divisional round by San Fran 13-10 this Saturday. Now fans are speculating Rodgers departure from Green Bay. If that does happen, here’s some teams that would make since for the baaaaaad man.

Seattle Seahawks 

With the news of Rodgers possibly leaving Russell Wilson also has speculation of his departure. This would be the picture perfect team for Rodgers if he chose to leave. DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett are both great targets. And we’ve seen what happens when Rodgers has weapons to throw the ball to. Pete Caroll knows how to put a defensive unit together, hell, he’s won a super bowl off of defense alone. If the Seahawks can land this they’d automatically be favorites in the NFC.

New England Patriots

Yes this season was somewhat of a success considering the talent level on offense. And rookie Mac Jones did impress folks here and there through the season. However, if the blowout loss against the Bills shows anything it’s Belichick can get his team to the playoffs and in positions to win, he just needs a great quarterback to finish the job. And when looking on how many years Bill may have left, it makes since that Rodgers would be the right fit. Obviously they’d have to get some decent receivers which the Patriots don’t typically like spending much money in that department. But if this happens the Patriots become contenders. 

New Orleans Saints

After the Drew Brees-era the Saints had ups and downs in their season ultimately missing the playoffs. A big part of that was due to not having a good and steady quarterback. Neither Jameis Winston or Tayson Hill are the answer. With generational talents Michael Thomas coming back and Alvin Kamara it makes for a wonderland of offensive high power if Rodgers picks the Saints. 

Tennessee Titans

This may come as a confusion due to the Titans just being in the playoffs. But it’s clear Tannehill isn’t the answer. Julio Jones and A.J. Brown would love to have Rodgers throwing back shoulder throws to them on the outside. That would also take some of the load off Derrick Henry making him even more lethal. The odds of this happening may not be so possible but I think this would be perfect for Rodgers. 

Pittsburgh Steelers 

The long and lustrous career of quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is officially over. What better successor than the guy who beat him in the super bowl years ago? The Steelers have experienced coach Mike Tomlin. They have JuJu, Diontae Johnson and a good running core. Hopefully the high competition of this division doesn’t make Rodgers shy away. 

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