4 changes the Lakers need to make 

Five things the Lakers can do to get back on track - Los Angeles Times
LA Times

We’re at the midway point of the NBA season and the Lakers look pretty bad. They sit on the edge of the playoff seeding at 22-23. And if this were any other team in the league we’d overlook it but they have LeBron James and it’s the Lakers. Therefore, they need to make some changes if they want switch things around.


I’m a Kentucky Wildcat fan and a advocate for Malik Monk. He’s been a nice edition to the team but he’s not at the level of consistency a championship team needs from their young guy. The Lakers are the oldest team in the league. So their speed and athleticism isn’t going to be up there with other ball clubs. And that’s fine. But if that’s the case they need shooters on the team. 

LeBron had Kyle Korver, Ray Allen, Caldwell-Pope and a number of other shooters over the years that helped him win chips. Right now the Lakers may have some guys that can score but they don’t have spots where Bron can just dish it to em and they’ll shoot from where they catch it. Why you think J.R. Smith keeps finding his way on a LeBron team at any point of the season?

Better Ball Movement 

The Lakers starting 5 is filled with stars who can average 20 points in their sleep. So why are they struggling? They all can play defense as well so on paper it should work, right? Wrong! This team doesn’t move the ball around as effectively as they should. Although I mentioned they need guys who can pick their spots, they also need those same guys to be able to move without the ball. What good is a all-star point guard with LeBron James if other guys are just sitting their waiting for their number to be called?

That’s always been Melo’s issue. Great isolation player. But teams don’t need that for 48 minutes. How many guys on the Lakers can roll off a screen and immediately shoot with efficiency? None. 

Get Healthy

This seems like a cheap way out but it’s true. Anthony Davis’s return is beginning to look shaky. He’s been out since December with a sprain in his left knee and LeBron is just now starting to look like his 100% self. Talen Horton-Tucker began the season fighting injury as well. Would being healthy solve all their issues? Probably not but it would make a huge difference. 

Make a Trade

After Magic Johnson and LeBron James both commented on the lack of effort in Los Angeles it’s clear some movements are going to be made. I don’t think Westbrook is the one who should go. He’s still too effective. And as the James clock of his prime is winding down, I can see Davis moving. But there isn’t one player that’s going to fix all of this. The Lakers chemistry is poor and the play on defense is lackluster. It’s almost like we see this move happen midpoint every year with a James team. 

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