Stop comparing Derrick Rose’s MVP campaign to this Ja Morant season

Ranking Ja Morant among past NBA Rookie of the Year winners
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So far the NBA season has been filled with highlights, expectations met, underwhelming production and for the Memphis Grizzlies… an excitement the city of Memphis hasn’t seen in a while. So much that fans are comparing this Ja Morant season to D. Rose’s MVP campaign in 2010-2011. Hold the breaks for now. 

Giving the flowers now, Ja Morant is something special. He’s averaging 24.4 points, 6.7 assists and 48% from the field. That’s almost MVP level stats as his team sits at the third spot in the western conference. Morant is explosive, can shoot the rock, jump out the gym and has an above average IQ. And while all that makes sense as to why he deserves the hype, let’s hold the talks of comparing his season to D. Rose’s season. 

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Remember 2011? LeBron James just took sports headlines everyday for his decision to move to Miami. The Mavericks won it all solidifying Dirk’s legend status. And the 2010’s era of basketball was something to watch. Part of what made the era so impactful is the man himself… D. Rose! 

Derrick Rose’s athleticism was unmatched. His play was taking storm in the NBA changing basketball for the next few years. Of course there was the king himself in James but he was a 6’8 phenom. Rose was 6’3 with the quick and explosiveness that made all positions scared of him. Aside from Steph Curry, Rose reinvented the point guard position. Because of Rose you see guys like Morant who are scoring 30 while driving to the paint and catching posters. 

Rose was also making noise in pop culture. His name being mentioned in the rap hit ‘I don’t like’ Remix in where Chicago native Kanye West called him out for his monumental play. His highlights were being played all over television and on social media during the time it was rising in popularity. 

So when we’re comparing their game I understand where the comparisons are. They are both athletic, can twist and turn through the air, know how to finish amongst centers, can dish it with the best of em and are winning. Their both point guards. But is Ja Morant’s game going to produce a whole new generation just like him?  I don’t think so. That title goes to D. Rose who became the youngest MVP in the league. 

The season isn’t even halfway done. And if we learned anything from this season is that anything can happen. I don’t see Morant winning the MVP award over Steph Curry this season. But that’s not to say Morant can’t ball. He deserves his praise, but let’s hold off on the D. Rose talks… For now. 

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